Foreign Worker renewal online


Foreign Worker Insurance Guarantee


Cover repatriation expenses of worker to be sent back to their country of origin.

Cover for the breach of Immigration Act.

Cover when worker is caught involving in illegal & illicit activities (eg: drugs).

Cover when your company goes into liquidation.

Duration of cover (18) months.

A new FWIG is required upon renewing the foreign workers permit.

Foreign Worker Hospital & Surgical Scheme


Daily hospital room & board: Up to 30 days; Up to RM160 per day.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU): Up to 15 days.

Hospital supplies and services, operating theatre, surgical fees, anaesthetist fees, ambulance fees / medical report fees.

In-hospital physician visits: Up to 30 days.

In-hospital specialist consultation visits: Up to 30 days.

Maximum overall annual limit: RM20,000.

Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme


Accidental death: RM25,000 (working hours) or RM23,000 (non- working hours).

Permanent disablement: Up to RM23,000 (working hours) or RM23,000 (off working hours).

Temporary loss of income due to temporary disablement.

Hospitalisation & medical expenses: Up to RM750.

Repatriation due to death or permanent disablement: RM4,800.